The Top 4 Life-Saving Survival Tools You Must Have (…But can’t find in stores)

01 Feb The Top 4 Life-Saving Survival Tools You Must Have (…But can’t find in stores)

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Are you prepared for the… inevitable?

When you think about survival and being prepared for whatever your doomsday may be… your mind probably goes straight to the essentials.

Maybe you’re prepared because you have…

  • Cases of bottled water sitting in your basement
  • Canned goods stored in your pantry
  • Back up power sources
  • Medical supplies in case there’s an injury

These are all necessary items. They will definitely aide in your survival. But, these items are easily obtainable.

When it comes to actual SURVIVAL… you need tools that will set you apart… tools that others won’t have because THEY AREN’T AVAILABLE IN STORES! I’m talking about tools that are used by our armed forces. Tools that aren’t available for mainstream distribution.

Yes, that’s right. The tools listed below are rare. They will give you the upper hand when it comes to surviving your doomsday.

And luckily for you, we have secret links to purchase these items… as you can see below… so, stock up, tell your loved ones about these items, and be one of the few to get your hands on these 4 survival tools.

1. G700 Lumitact LED Flashlight

Ah, the G700 Lumitact LED flashlight…. this is THE LONGEST LASTING FLASHLIGHT IN THE WORLD!

What does that mean? This bulb has a lamp life of 10 YEARS.

You could go without electricity today and because of this flashlight still be light and bright through 2026.

And, the lamp life isn’t the only feature that will keep you prepared, this flashlight…

  • is compact, light weight, and only 5.1 inches long (fits in your pocket).
  • has telescopic focusing (zoom x2000, x1000, x500, x250, x1).
  • has 5 pre-set modes (high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe).
  • is made from aircraft aluminum (durable and long lasting).

Massive orders are coming in from Police Departments, Fire Departments, and Armed Forces… and the National Gun Owners Association just announced a whopping 75% discount on G700’s for new customers while supplies last… Click Here to Learn More.

2. P-38 Can Openers

Don’t underestimate the power of this can opener. What’s the value of all of the canned goods you’ve been prepping with if you can’t GET THEM OPEN!?

These P-38 can openers have been issued to the military for years. This was the can opener that fed our troops during WW2.

The P-38 Military Can Opener is known by some as the “Army’s Greatest Invention”. And, these P38 Can Openers are new, not surplus. They are stamped from cold rolled steel right here in the United States.

Even though these can openers are light weight (you can carry them on your keychain, or even in your pocket) they are TOUGH. We have opened giant #10 industrial cans with them.

A P-38 will work on any size can rim, in any situation.

This is the can opener I want on my side (or in my pocket) when “shit” hits the fan. Luckily, they’re being sold for free… you just have to pay shipping. Grab yours while you can here.

Version 2

3. Hyper-Active Silhouette Targets

These targets are best used NOW, before we find ourselves in a bad situation, unprepared…


Is your “shot” up to par? We believe it can always improve…

Luckily, these targets are used by some of the best shooters in America. But, don’t think they were born with a perfect shot.

They had to practice. That’s what these silhouette targets are all about. You have to practice your shot to make sure you can protect your family when the time comes.

So, what makes these targets the best?

  • You can tell where you shot hits from as far aw 300 yards away.
  • There’s black chalk over bright neon with an adhesive backing.
  • Different colors will show you exactly where your shot hit.
  • They’re WAY more durable then plain, flimsy paper targets.

And, there’s a special link where you can get TEN of these targets for free, just pay shipping! Start practicing NOW… you’ll be thankful later.

4. Round Adhesive Targets

You already know the benefit of practicing your shot NOW, so that you’ll be prepared later…


Round adhesive targets give you another tool to practice.

We’ve been distributing free round adhesive targets throughout the country as a way to train as many Americans to protect themselves as possible.

I used these targets ranging from 5 yards to about 40 yards and I could see the rounds hit clear as day.

They’re made from good thick material and not super flimsy like a regular paper target.

These are best used by beginners to get started… if you’re more of an intermediate level shooter… check out the silhouette targets (tool #3 above).

Like I said, we’ve been distributing these free round adhesive targets throughout the country as a way to train as many Americans to protect themselves as possible… grab 10 FOR FREE today!

Like I mentioned above, when it comes to being prepared and “safe”, everyone focuses on stocking up on the essentials. While we know how important those items are… they can be found ANYWHERE.

The 4 tools above are essential for survival and will put you ahead of the pack when Armageddon or the financial meltdown finally comes. And like I said, they aren’t available in stores… so grab yours from the links below.

  1. G700 Lumitact LED Flashlight
  2. P-38 Can Openers
  3. Hyper-Active Silhouette Targets
  4. Round Adhesive Targets
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