5 Mistakes When Purchasing A Firearm…


24 Aug 5 Mistakes When Purchasing A Firearm…

Once you have made the decision to purchase a weapon, there are a few questions that you need to answer:

  • What is the purpose behind the purchase?
  • What are the maintenance costs?
  • How much time would it take you to become proficient with the gun?

No matter how much your experience with guns is, every new gun is a new piece of equipment and it requires time to become comfortable with it. In light of the questions mentioned above, the five most common mistakes that people make while purchasing a gun are described below in details:

Bigger is not Better

When going for the purchase, it is important to decide whether you need the arm for self defense or home defense. Depending on the requirement, you can make the decision of buying a handgun, rifle or a shotgun. When we decide to purchase a certain product, upon entering a shop we often get intimidated by a number of different products and it happens to the best of us. While you may be greatly attracted by rifles and shotguns when you enter a weapon’s shop, if the initial purpose was self defense, a rifle would serve no purpose for you. It is important to NOT get intimidated and look only for options that are relevant.

Cost – Benefit Analysis

When it comes to guns, more money does not imply better quality and less money does not imply that you are buying a second grade product. There is a lot of variety with weapons and your decision needs to be on which gun you want to buy instead of “Which gun can I get for $XX?” If you see the same weapon from different manufacturers, deciding for the cheaper one could be a foolish mistake. Remember that guns cost money and they also require money for maintenance. So, before you make a decision of purchasing, consider all the monetary factors.

Lack of Research

Probably, the most common mistake that people make while purchasing a gun is lack of research. It even holds true for buying other products. It is not only the gun that matters, its bullets or rounds are equally important. You need to know that if it’s a shotgun, the shots do not serve the same purpose as bullets. And when you purchase a handgun, there are different calibers to choose from. Some are readily available, some are not. Also, there exists a price difference. You may be surprised when you go on to purchase the rounds. Therefore, take your time and decide which weapon suits you and your needs the most. If necessary, you could even rent a particular piece for a certain period to be absolutely sure whether you like it or not.

Peer Pressure

If your friends all have a certain gear, it does not mean that you have to buy the same. Quite often, people are attracted towards a different weapon but make the wrong decision solely because their friends have the other one. Your friend might have bought the gun for a specific reason and you need yours. It is a personal choice and only you can decide for yourself.


Imagine a person who is very short heighted, someone around 5 ft 2 in. Now, imagine the same person a long range double barrel shotgun. The gun would look almost the same size as the person. But it’s not about appearance. Purchasing a gun that is too big for your grip would obviously result in lack of proficiency. You may spend hours practicing, but if something is not built for you, you will never be the best at it. So stop getting impressed by those movies, and pick a weapon that suits your weight, size and grip.

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